The Bats

The first unsurprising thing I will say on this page is that I like bats. They are spectacularly odd little beasts and I find them fascinating.

The second unsurprising thing I will say is that I get a good many search hits for knitting patterns featuring bats.  (With a subtitle like 'do bats knit?' I don't know what else you would expect). Herewith follows a short and entirely incomplete list of bat-related knitting patterns on the web. If you are looking for a more comprehensive assortment of bat-themed knitting projects, I suggest flying over to Ravelry (echolocation not required) and using the excellent pattern search tools there. I try to keep the links here up-to-date but sometimes things slip; therefore I've included the Ravelry links for the patterns (when possible) to keep a more stable address available.

Patterns marked with a * are ones I have knit myself and can recommend.


*Batty the Vampire Bat Proceeds from the pattern sales go to benefit Bat Conservation International. Ravelry

Bat and Jack o' Lantern. Ravelry

*Boo. Ravelry

Garments and Accessories

Bataclava for those who really want their own Batman cowl. Ravelry

Bat Hat in stranded colourwork. Ravelry

Batsy mittens in stranded colourwork. Ravelry

Fu scarf with a lacy bat motif. Ravelry

Gone Batty wristwarmers in stranded colourwork. Ravelry

Shadow of the Bat illusion knit scarf. Ravelry

Wa na na na na na na na Bat Shawl! with a lacy bat motif. Ravelry


Batty dishcloth with a simple knit/purl motif. Ravelry

Chiroptera dishcloth, using the same lacy motif as the 'Fu' scarf. Ravelry

Going Batty Treat Bag with a lacy motif. Ravelry
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