28 July 2014

so still, so close to moving

I wasn't happy with the first collage I made, so I did it over. Here's week one of the Tour de Fleece:

Centuries sweep around him like planets' rings

Last week, the government of China quarantined the city of Yumen because a man there had died of plague.  The quarantine was lifted a day later because none of his close associates developed the disease:

25 July 2014

It makes me wanna shout

Yeah, I'm behind on the Tour de Fleece
bor ...blogging. I was having some technical difficulties with the collages. I promise next week to show you all the exciting progress photos you could possibly want.

Meanwhile, enjoy some funk.

18 July 2014

The better to funk you, my dear

I don't know about y'all but after this week I need a dose of powerful funk.

11 July 2014

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