27 February 2015

twisted olive trees, high on the scents of thyme

*nose pokes up from a burrow*

Oh hello there.  Yes, I am still alive and I do still occasionally do things other than listen to funk.

Like this.

This is a thing I did.

Latoya in olive

The colour in the photo isn't really accurate -- I twiddled with saturation and such in Photoshop and got it closer to the right shade, but this is still not quite right. I'm quite taken with the actual yarn -- it's a semisolid army green, and it is not weirdly blotchy, either.

The yarn is made by a Uruguayan company, Malabrigo, which is famous among knitters for its beautiful colours -- not that you would know it from this picture. This yarn, Twist, is 100% merino, and gloriously soft and squooshy. (And also absorbent as a sponge; it took the finished sweater nearly a week to dry!)

The pattern is Latoya, an unsigned piece by Norah Gaughan, who is famous among knitters for her interesting designs and cables. I made significant modifications to the pattern, a full description of which are on my Ravelry page for curious knitters.

This took me about 4 months to knit, which is not bad for me.  I am especially pleased to have finished it before March or April, so I will be able to wear it a few times before the warm weather gets here.

Rosanna Warren

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