24 October 2006


You know how, in the old Peanuts comic strip and animations, Charlie Brown would tilt his head back and cry out in anguish when something too insufferable to be borne happened?

Yesterday, after work, I dropped off the finished Shining Star and the booties with my sister. Hung out for a bit, played with le petit (who was hungry and cranky and wanted none of it), and took off to have nice dinner with the Viking.

When we got home, there was a horrible, horrified message from my sister on the voicemail. The finished items had been scoffed off the table by one of her dogs, and he'd ripped up the booties and put a hole in the hat.


Now, all is not lost (it never is, I am sure) as I still have about half a ball of the yarn left and it's not as though the booties were hard to make. Maman was going down to see them tomorrow, so I am sending a length of the yarn with her to darn the cap. Maman is excellent at fixing things, and I can surely make another pair of booties during this week's episode of Ghosthunters. It's just that I was hoping to finish my mitts during Ghosthunters this week.
Shining Star, complete
See? See how nice and pretty and finished? See what a lovely chewie for Simon?


I can't stand it. I just can't stand it.

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