21 November 2006

do bears knit?



Oh yes, we are sinking into the dark part of the year. And oh yes, I am She Who'd Rather Be Hibernating. Wake me when spring comes, will ya?

Haven't been knitting nearly enough lately, if the goal is to finish things. (I did finish the mitts, but have been slackerous since). On the agenda, Swedish-style mittens for me, the lace smoke ring, and possibly finishing the frivolous socks. Mebbe I will get something done over the holiday weekend. Mebbe not. Depends on how slackerous I'm feeling, and whether or not I get involved in other projects, like rearranging the upstairs furniture or playing too much WoW.

Speaking of WoW, people who play will understand me when I say that's it's very easy to tell the healer in your Scholomance group soloed to 60 as a shadow priest. They will also understand when I say I am still jiggy from pantsing Ragnaros last Friday. (Yes, the Fire Lord himself. Not Baron Rivendare). The rest of you ... well, you just won't.

The following, from an email from Sis, also makes me a bit jiggy:

And it's official, I cannot take Wesley out in his green hat without people descending on me to talk about it. The color gets their attention, and then they rave about the cabling. It's like you knitted crack into the hat.
I think Baby Lime Shedir is a hit.

Maman is hosting Thanksgiving this year but I am on dessert duty, so the next couple days will be a blur of pie-making.

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