17 February 2007

Be careful what you wish for

I've occasionally thought, usually during a miserable drag of a day at work, that it would be wonderful to have a day off when all I had to do was stay in bed and maybe read and knit a little.

Let me go on record to say that such a day is not as much fun as you might think.

Wednesday the power at my house cut out about 6:30 in the morning. There being liberal leave, and the winding curve down the hill being an ice sheet, I opted to stay home. Once the Viking was off to his work (no liberal leave for nurses), I started trying to think of things which needed doing around the house. A distressing number of them were impossible.

Laundry? No, can't do that.
Dishes? Nope.
Vacuum? Nuh-uh.
Get pictures off camera? Oh, hell no.

... and so on, until I realised that there really was nothing to do but get back in bed (to stay warm) and maybe read and knit a little. Which was fine for about the first six hours, and then I started to get antsy. It turns out that once you have read a novel, and knit several inches on a current project, and taken all the naps you can usefully take in one day, there is in fact a point where a day off with nothing to do becomes dull.

The Viking did return home from work safely, bringing with him a bucket of fried chicken (apparently KFC had power, though no one else much did) which broke up the tedium somewhat.

About 5:30 we decamped to Maman's for hot showers, which improved both our moods. When we got home, the power had been restored, though it took a long time for the house to feel warm again.

And now, some yarn:

Snow Leopard Trust Camel Yarn from Mongolia

This is my skein of camel yarn from Snow Leopard Trust. This is supposed to be the white colour, though as you can see it's off-white. Quite a bit off white.

Also visible is that the spinning is a bit uneven, though that wasn't unexpected and it's not dramatically uneven -- a little overspun in some spots, a little underspun in others. Nothing gamebreaking, though I wouldn't use it for socks.

I'm having trouble coming up with words for the texture -- it's not squishy soft, but it's not scratchy either. I'd say it's hard, in a worsted-spun kind of way, except that might lead you to think it's stiff, which it's not. Firm? does that work?

Anyway, nice yarn. I'm going to make a scarf from my skein.

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