12 March 2007

Have you really saved daylight

... if you're napping in the daytime?

Making the switch to daylight saving time is like having jetlag without the interest of having actually gone anywhere. Changing time does make me take down the various battery-powered wall clocks and dust them. Still, I'd rather have the hour's sleep.

This weekend was still mostly about spring cleaning -- in addition to dusting clocks, I took down curtains and washed them, and aired feather bedding. Not quite as labour-intensive as last week, but stuff that needed to be done. Next week I will tackle either the bedroom or the sewing room. Haven't decided which yet, but since my urge to sew is rising, the sewing room may be the winner.

Friday night, the Viking took me to the opening party for Homestead's flower show. It was nice, though there wasn't much this year that really made me squeal. Part of the problem, I think, was that the theme is 'Monopoly,' because I have no desire to plant my garden like a board game, and that the theme worked into the displays mostly with painted 'Go Directly to Jail' squares on the paving and random 'Oriental Avenue' signs hanging over the primroses. It was good to look at flowers, though, and one of the displays actually did more or less what I had planned to do with part of our yard this year, so I was able to point at it and say 'look! this is what I was talking about!' which is always good when discussing landscaping with the Viking.

Going to the party with my invitation scored me a free pot of rather garish primroses:


Since my luck with primroses is about the same as my luck with poinsettias -- enjoy them while they last, but don't try to make a long-term investment of them -- I suppose it doesn't matter too much if I don't love the colour.

I do however love the colour of these little blue bellflowers:


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