10 April 2007

Spring? What Spring?

Saturday morning I did something as much like a character in a bad Victorian novel as I have ever done (and please the gods, will ever do) -- I got up, drew back the curtains, looked out, and leapt away from the window with a cry of dismay:

Salome Veiled

It's one thing to have a cold snap in early April, it's quite another to wake up to snow.

We tried very hard on Sunday to pretend it was spring in spite of the weather. We really did. I don't know that we convinced anyone, but we made the effort. We had lamb and duck, Maman brought salad, Sis brought a potato kugel (we are ecumenical eaters), and I made rhubarby goodness for dessert.

Rhubarb Strawberry Pudding Cake

Schadenfreude alert: apparently the Stooge who made my last year at Our Lady of Perpetual Aggravation Prepatory Academy so unpleasant has been dismissed. I am waiting breathlessly to learn the details.

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