16 May 2007

Professional life is overrated

I don't think anyone would argue that going back to work after a vacation is hard. One day you're barefoot on the beach, the next you're trapped back in a cube. Who'd choose the cube if they didn't need the income and health insurance?

Certainly not I. And after yesterday, a going-back-to-the-office day spawned in Hades, I am even more determined that one day, I really will find a way to run away and never come back. Dealing with people who (at best) have minds like steel sieves or (at worst) may in fact be incompetent and try to blame me for it is not my idea of a satisfactory work experience.

Let's talk about something else.

I did in fact take the Memories and the Clementine pattern -- and even, mirabile dictu, knitting needles in the correct size -- and knit on that while variously lounging on the beach, the hotel balcony (ocean view), or the hotel bed in the evening. I am pretty pleased with the way it's working up.

Dusky Clementine

The pattern goes well with variegated yarns because it's consistent and relatively narrow in width (69 stitches when the increases are done) which prevents pooling in the first place, and has the chevron patterning and liberal use of garter stitch, which help break up the effect of any pooling that happens to sneak through. As you can see, there's a bit of pooling in the increase section but since it's balanced between blue and grey at the edges, I think I can live with it.

It has the further virtues of being easy to memorise and unfussy to work, so it goes fast. I foresee the most annoying part being the final grafting of the two halves when I come to that.

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