02 May 2007

Still here

*waves from somewhere under a large pile of paper*

Work's nuts. I anticipate it being nuts for most of the next two years, followed by an abrupt slowdown if not a complete stop in the first quarter of 2009.

(After which, of course, it will gear up again. Political cycles, you know).

I'll be at Sheep and Wool on Sunday. I am trying to make a shopping list, or at least a list of things I want to look for. Even if that list doesn't amount to anything more than 'Yarn for X project (N yards of fingering weight), size Z double points, sock patterns' it will at least be a list, and my browsing will be slightly more directed.

The Viking wants to look at goats. Not that we have any place to put a goat, but he likes goats.

Maman is in on the party too. I don't know what's on her shopping list this year, but she probably has one.

Sheep will, of course, be patted.


  1. If the Viking likes goats, you should have been at Coronation . . . Perhaps I'll see you at Sheep and Wool on Sunday; feels like I haven't seen you in forever!

  2. You're right, it has been a long time. We'll keep an eye out for you -- we're probably going to be getting there about 11-11:30ish, and will be having lunch there. mmm, lamb.


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