31 July 2007

Weekend, and Let's Pretend

As usual, not much going on.

The Viking and I went to a wine festival sponsored by a local wine and spirits emporium at the county fairgrounds last weekend. We decided, at the end, that we might have liked it better if there had been more vineyards and less 'see what we distribute!' and also if it hadn't been so hot and treeless at the fairgrounds. (It wasn't even outrageously hot, but the treelessness made it worse).

The latter fact is something I should have known, but I don't think I've actually been on the fairgrounds site since I was ... um, maybe 15? So perhaps the fact that I forgot can be excused.

As we trudged up the hill back to our car, the Viking turned to me and said, 'You know, I totally don't miss Pennsic.'

I couldn't say, at that moment, as I much did either. The day had been entirely too much like trekking back and forth on the Serengeti and up and down the parking area.

On the up side, we did discover Cove Point Winery, of Lusby, Md., which makes a very tasty Blaufränkisch.

And now, let's play make believe. Let us pretend, for the moment, that we live in civilised times, and that you -- and perhaps a select few of your heart's dearest -- are able to pack up and spend the next month at your very own vacation house at some eminently desirable location away from this deity-abandoned malarial pit (also known as Washington DC; and no, I don't really hate the city, but as August comes on I find it harder to love).

We are, of course, also pretending that you don't need to have your Blackberry, or your laptop, don't need to check in at work, and that the financial arrangements are all arranged and you needn't worry about those. So tell me:

1. Where is your summer home? The seaside? The mountains? An inland lake? Is it in the country or some charmingly quirky small town?
2. What sort of house is it? A Victorian farmhouse? A cottage? A condo?
3. How is it furnished? Seagrass rugs? Adirondack chairs? An elderly aunt's castoffs?
4. Who's coming with you? Family, friends, pets? Are any of them staying the whole month, or are some just visiting for a week?
5. Which 5 books would you want to have to read? I know that's probably not enough for a whole month, but let's start with 5.
6. What craft project(s) would you bring with you?
7. How would you spend your days? Would you fall into a routine? Would you deliberate avoid falling into a routine? Would you plan day-trips, parties or activities, or would you laze the time away?

I'll post my answers tomorrow. If you decide to pick this one up, leave me a comment so I can go read yours.

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