13 February 2008



Yesterday, I leave work at 3:30. I manage to dodge the accidents on the Beltway and 50, break free of another one at the intersection of 450 and 3, and am making reasonable, if not good, time.

Then I get to the Annapolis area and everything just stops.

And I sit. and sit. and sit.

According to the radio, both bridges over the Severn River are closed. The Rt 450 bridge is closed because a salt truck got stuck trying to go over it. The Rt 50 bridge is closed "for deicing procedures."

At about 7:00, the radio tells me they're reopening the Rt 50 bridge. It is closer to 8 before the traffic where I am starts to creep forward, and 8:30 before I actually roll onto the bridge.

Crawling across the bridge, I see there's an ugly wreck on the westbound side of the bridge, and that westbound traffic is now backed up for miles on the other side.

I got home about 9. I didn't vote because I didn't hear about the polls being kept open late until I got home. I'd missed seeing Sporting Group. I threw some frozen pizzas in the oven, fed the Viking and myself, took a shower, and went to bed.

Then I got back up and came back to work this morning, and can't get into any of the network drives because they pushed patches last night and apparently gave my computer indigestion.

Can we just cancel the rest of this week?

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