05 March 2008


In the Blackadder episode 'The Queen of Spain's Beard,' Harry greets a visiting princess with the charming words, 'Welcome to our castle. I hope you will find the drains to your satisfaction.'

I would hope that after the amount of time and money I spent yesterday on professional help for the drains at nostre chastel sur Magothie, they would be satisfactory both to princesses and lesser folk as well.

We thought we had a clog in the line that drains the dishwasher and washing machine. And so we did. We also had a clog in the sewer line, which had not yet started causing problems but likely would have soon.

Correcting these two things required a great deal of noise and mess, and a departure to fetch a larger machine and a second man to help with the sewer line.

The whole business was entirely nasty and shockingly expensive. At least the day was warm enough I was able to open some windows, which helped keep the nastiness from becoming overpowering.

Whilst I tried to stay out of the way of the plumbers, and tried not to dwell on the noise, mess, and nastiness of the work they were doing, I pulled out miscellaneous scraps of old sock yarn and took a crack at some knitted Easter eggs.

Like popcorn, people. Like popcorn. I couldn't stop knitting them. The only thing wrong with them is that my taste in socks is not entirely correct for Easter eggs (too much black and grey for one thing). But a very little yarn goes a very long way with these, so a very small order to Knitpicks should correct the troubles with my palette. If you are a happy colours knitter, you probably have enough odd scraps of fingering weight yarn to make a dozen or more.

No pictures of my little clutch yet; I am hoping to make sufficient (and sufficiently personalised) quantities to distribute as gifts. I'll try to pile them into a basket for photos before I give them all away.

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