07 April 2008

Frogs on a pogostick

Work is insane. It's not even amusingly insane; I can't tell funny stories about the madness the way Theodora does.

The most entertaining thing that has happened recently was, before a recent staff gathering, one of us said his wife and daughter might come but had said they'd only join us if there were no copies of the CFR on the table with the pizza.

'How do they feel about the GPO Style Manual?' someone else asked.

Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha.

Only not so much.

I did get a promotion recently, fancy new job title and all, which is a good thing in that my pay will increase. The level of craziness will probably not increase all at once. Given that I am surrounded by people who make jokes about the GPO style manual and that I may be approaching that happy milestone in a regulatory analyst's life, the one where the agency gets sued over something you wrote (in a professional capacity, according to all the correct procedures and passed up the line through all the correct clearances), there is still plenty of room for additional chaos, so 'not all at once' is about the best I can hope for.

I have just enough spare cognitive ability to work on an Everlasting Bagstopper which is one of those things which puts together very simple things in a very clever way (the way the bottom of the bag is formed? Very clever), and which I am hoping to have done in time for farmers' market season.

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