17 April 2008

A perpetual question

So, the Everlasting Bagstopper now has a firm deadline: the Riverdale Park Farmers' Market kicks off the season on May Day.

Yesterday the ribbon I ordered for the handles arrived. Matching colours by online mail order is a very dicey business and you should never ever do it, of course. That said, I'm feeling pretty smug about how close I hit.

Everlasting Bagstopper, in progress

The ribbon is from Venus Ribbon which is grosgrain heaven. They have a minimum order of $25, but the prices are reasonable; you get a lot of ribbon for $25. I bought a couple spools of other designs -- white with pink daisies and ivory with brown pawprints -- for future use. Nothing specific in mind, though the daisies will likely end up as a facing on something black or grey.

The bag itself is only slightly less than half-done, which is not bad considering I've mostly been working on it during long flights and /afk breaks in WoW. I may have to kick the knitting up a notch to finish the bag, though -- and at the same time I need to be a little more proactive in WoW for the next week, because my wee priestie has gotten a couple of pieces of very shiny new gear which need to be gemmed up and enchanted. That means coming up with primal water and primal life in large quantities, and that means spending a lot of time chasing elementals. Ugh. Fortunately I had a decent stockpile of uncut gems and a guildie who is a jewelcrafter is going to set me up with some nice cuts.

The new gear is sufficiently shiny that if I get the gems dealt with, it will all still be a huge improvement over what I had, though, so maybe I can slack farming the primals and work harder on the bag, and then go chase elementals later. Hmm. Going to have to see. Because on the one hand, the guild counts on me as a healer, and on the other, I really want my bag done.

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