15 May 2008

Knitted Bats (if not knitting bats)

Since "knit bats" seems to be one of the search terms that lands people on my site, and I hate for them to go away disappointed:

Chiroptera is a bat-design washcloth using the motif from Barbara Walker's third treasury.

There's also another Batty dishcloth, with a simple knit/purl design of a bat in flight.

Apparently there is a knitted bat (which can be worn as a cocktail hat!) in Angela Jeffs' Wild Knitting. The book is out of print, but there are several copies on abebooks and other used books sites. I'm reluctant to spend $45-$60 on a book I haven't seen for a single pattern, though. Anyone laid eyes (or camera lens) on this critter?

Ravelry's database tells me that there's a felted knit bat pattern in Crafty Alien's Backyard Critters, vol. 8. Again, no picture. The direct link to the leaflet at the Crafty Alien site: Backyard Critters, Volume 8 shows the photo for volume 6 (frog, moose, armadillo), not 8 (bat, snake, wolf). But I might be willing to risk $6 on an unseen pattern. Maybe.

For the comics fan, there are directions for a Bataclava so you can make your own Batman cowl, and a Shadow (of the Bat) knit scarf.

There's also Monica Gausen's Bat Hat,(PDF) sized for a 9-10 year old but should be adaptable to other sizes.

Goth knitting includes a link to colour-work bat mittens (which could be coordinated with the Bat Hat for those who like matchy sets) and some other vaguely batty items.

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