31 July 2008

Not overdoing it. Really.

The last time I ordered from Thompson & Morgan, I wound up with many more seeds than I bargained for, so many that certain people expressed doubts about my claim that I had only ordered a few packets of seed.

So, as Rosmerta is my witness, I affirm that once again, I have only ordered a few packets of seed, they being one each of cowslip (Primula veris), Painted Lady Sweet Pea, and Crème de Cassis hollyhock.

And that's it. Three packets. So don't be giving me any funny looks if T&M is generous with the freebies again.

In other news, I am working, in a dilettantesque way, on turning the knitted hood pattern into a .pdf for Ravelry download, but it has been too hot to knit enthusiastically, and therefore much too hot to wear a prickly wool hood, and this, my friends, fouls up any plans I might have about getting better pictures. Anyone have any good suggestions about where to acquire a suitable wig stand/mannequin head?

1 comment:

  1. They're available on Amazon (isn't everything?) but if you'd rather shop local (and more cheaply), look for a beauty supply shop. (Sally Beauty has them for about $4, and they've got a location near you.)


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