16 July 2008

Random Sampling

Should I be embarrassed or appalled that 'CSA' does not immediately translate as 'Community Supported Agriculture' in my brain?

I'm twiddling with the template for the design blog, trying on the one hand to keep it stylistically similar enough to this one that it's clear they're siblings, while still keeping it clean and readable for pattern purposes. Big thing of the moment is getting rid of the sidebar, which was interferring with decent placement of photos. I am still working on whether to include the knitting bat picture (and if so, where) and tweaking the colours so they're basically the same ones used here, just differently arrayed. If you have suggestions, drop me a comment here, please.

Also, an erratum and a clarification for the Dragonhide Helm have come along. Those are over on the design blog as well.

In addition to the stonecrops and houseleek I talked about last post, I somewhat whimsically acquired a Labrador violet (Viola labradorica), which I am going to try and see how it does.

While I was planting it, I found a columbine which I didn't know was still there. I can't remember now what it is; it may be a magpie, or it may be the 'Cameo Blue and White' for which I found the tag in my box o' plant tags. I am going to try to give it a little extra nurturing and see if it won't bloom for me next spring.

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