07 October 2008


Probably to the vast relief of some (most? all?) of you, there will be no 'look at the amazing thing I did in the kitchen!' post this week, for the simple reason that I didn't do that much which was amazing this weekend.

I cooked, and it was tasty and all, but none of it was transcendent. Nor was any of it so beautiful I had to run for my camera.

I did give a jar of the tomato preserves to Maman, who says she remembers her grandmother making something very similar, possibly even the same recipe. My arrière-grand-mère was living in New York during the 1940s and could well have seen the original recipe in the Times.

In a couple weeks we'll be heading out towards the mountains for our annual festival of family togetherness and fruit acquisition. I am seriously considering getting some quinces and trying some preserves with them. Maybe one of the recipes from Beeton? Must think on it.

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