02 October 2008

Unscheduled Demolition

Word came through late Tuesday that AOL is planning to shut down its Hometown/FTP service. This means that the old Chateau site will be coming down.

Nothing will be lost; I have everything backed up safely. However, most of it may be offline for a while, while I consider other hosting options, and probably rewrite code a bit. I will probably reorganise a little. Updated colours and graphics might be nice.

I do want to put at least some of it back up -- the favours and tokens article I think remains popular, for example, as do some of the cooking ones -- and I do want to find my nets, snares, and ferrets notes so I can actually extend the Roughshooter's Companion the way I've been planning to for the last four years or so. I have some good material on that, I really do, I just need to get my lazy arse into gear.

I have two requests, dear readers:

(1) If you have suggestions about good web hosting services, I'd like to hear about them. Free is nice but not essential. I would prefer NOT to hear about Geocities since they tend to shut you down if you aren't updating regularly and I don't want/need to be tweaking code or content every couple of months to keep things running. I am teh dumb about these things, so any good advice will be gratefully accepted.

(2) If you have a favourite room in the old Chateau that you would like to see preserved, let me know about it, and I will try to adjust my priorities accordingly.


1 comment:

  1. I can give ya free space on the server that I host myself and larsdatter.com on. Lemme know


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