21 March 2009


1. I cast on something new yesterday. It was very wrong and I should not have done it, but it's spring and I wanted something new. The equinox made me do it, it's not really my fault.

2. Those of you who follow the Knitty blog probably already saw the video on how to purl Norwegian-style but if you haven't, go look. Go look at once. Especially if you are a continental-style knitter. Have a dishcloth or something handy so you can practice along with the video.

Holy [redacted] [redacted], people!

It is not often that I learn a new knitting technique and think, 'this will change my life,' but ... this is going to change my life. For the better. I am all giddy.


  1. Huh. I'll have to try it. I've been using Annie Modesitt's combined method (there's a tutorial on her website) which makes my purling almost as fast as knitting, even though when knitting in the round you still have to sort of reach around behing the front leg (because purl sts come out mounted backward). Still, you have to bring the yarn around front with that technique, so Norwegian purling may end yup being even faster.

  2. Tried it out. Conclusion: it will be useful to have a mix of technicques, because I think Modesitt's method is still faster for long stretches of purl because it's a simpler movement. But for ribbing I think the Norwegian purl will be quicker than switching the yarn around all the time.

  3. Thanks for the report. I wasn't aware of Annie Modesitt's method; I'll have to check that out too. The long rows in the scarf I'm working on are great for practising purling, though, and I've almost got the Norwegian method as fast as my knitting now.


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