08 April 2009


This started as yet another litany of what I have done and what I have failed to do since my last post. It was becoming evident that the main theme of this week's recitation was 'gardening' so I shall begin and end with that and let the rest take care of itself.

What have I done? A slew of important but not exciting gardening tasks.

What have I failed to do? Another slew of important but not exciting gardening tasks, all of which were rated as lower priorities than the things I did do.

I am trying not to dwell on the list of things not yet done. Doing so makes me feel inadequate at best, and turns blogging into an act of contrition. Forgive me, for I have sinned against my yard.

(I am not even going to get into how the muscle aches and the realisation that getting down on my knees to scrabble in the dirt and then getting back up again now requires care, lest I offend my back, make me feel).

On the upside, there were 'Pink Giant' chionodoxas last week. 'Salome' and 'Passionale' daffodils have started. Some creamy white daffodils I planted in Artemis' garden are also blooming beautifully. I have no idea what they are, now, and can't find a record of planting them, either. They might be 'Thalia,' but I don't want to swear to it.

The hellebores have been blooming for some time. By whatever luck all of them are that deep plummy shade that I like best. Next year, after they've finished blooming, I might divide them and spread them around a bit, but I don't think they're quite ready for that this year.

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