26 May 2009


I like long weekends.

The problem with regular weekends is that they're only two days long. That is not enough time to do weekend chores (making yogurt, baking bread, doing laundry, gardening) plus all the stuff I didn't get done during the week, plus getting some rest, which by Friday afternoon I desperately need. I remember thinking, in my wasteful, misspent youth, that the Jewish notion of the Sabbath as a day of absolute rest seemed boring. Now it seems like an eminently sensible survival mechanism, and one we should all adopt.

Last week, I took Thursday and Friday off. These, with the Memorial Day holiday, gave me plenty of time for laundry and gardening and cooking and sleep, plus the miscellaneous catch-up items, and a pleasant lunch with a friend visiting from out of town. So, hooray.

I had plans to get some knitting done. I am perhaps a solid hour's worth of work from finishing the second leg for Rebecca Doll No. 12/Night Elf Huntress, and a couple hours away from finishing the Weldon's baby vest. The latter item has been almost done for something like two years now and only needs a neck and sleeve finish applied; I think I have settled on an applied i-cord edging for the neck and a simple lace trim for the sleeves. I have tried tried tried to master the crochet called for in the directions but just can't pull it off. Tried looking at crochet tutorials on web sites, tried looking at videos on YouTube, tried all of it. No deal. Even when I thought I grasped the concept, making the hook and yarn do what I wanted seemed beyond my ability.

I did not get very much knitting done, however, so the doll is still only at 1.5 legs and the vest is still untrimmed. Oh well.

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