16 June 2009

Knitted elf, knotted fingers

Short deadlines and bad sleep and various other aggravations, none of which make for good stories.

I've been baking some good things. I should write about them.

I've been knitting plenty; knitting enough in fact that I have a callus on the tip of my left index finger. Big finished thing is the Doll 12/Night Elf Huntress:


well, finished except for the bald/faceless/naked thing, which I am working to correct. But after sewing her together my fingers were all tied up in knots and it seemed a bad time to try to paint her face.

I have done research on the making of doll wigs and a simple crocheted cap seems to be called for as a foundation. Given my crochet issues, however, I'm going to experiment a little to see if I can manage a knit cap instead. Such experiments also seemed a bad idea with knotted-up fingers.

And as for covering her nakedness, that requires me to finish something else to free up needles to knit a garment. (Yes, I know I could sew something, too, but I have something reasonably well planned out in the way of doll clothes, and anyway, I really ought to finish the other thing in question).

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