11 June 2009

Turtle Crossing

Yesterday I had a fine rant all primed to go, and then there were ... technical difficulties.

I'll see if I can't reconstruct the rant later today or maybe over the weekend. It was, in the main, a fine rant indeed.

In the meantime, let me remind you to watch out for turtles. It's been wet around here lately, and the Eastern box turtles are on the move. I saw one yesterday struggling over a curb on Kenilworth Avenue, and I've seen others on the march in other places where it is not really safe for threatened reptiles to be, including the shoulder of the Beltway. I have in the past also found them in my own backyard (my property ends at a stream at the bottom of the hill; when it is wet they come up the hill), so I need to make a sweep of the yard to find them before I mow this weekend.

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