29 July 2009


There was something I was going to write about, but I forgot what it was.

I think I'm going to blame general frazzlement (i.e., appliance hell), plus general business (family stuff last weekend, including visit from auntie from out of town), plus inexplicable sinus nastiness, plus the fact that August seems to have arrived early and for the next 4-6 weeks this will not be the beautiful, beloved capital but a deity-abandoned malarial pit.

If I happen to think of whatever it was I was planning to write about, I shall do so. In the meantime, I'll be under the shade trees, drinking either a large glass of iced tea or a rum rickey (made thusly: 1.5 oz Mount Gay rum and the juice of half a lime over ice in a collins glass and topped up with tonic or seltzer. Some recipes call for adding simple syrup, but I rarely bother) and counting down the time until I can go to the beach.

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