01 October 2009


Lately I've fallen into weekly what-I-cooked-this-weekend entries, for which I apologise. Either there hasn't been much else going on, or contrariwise, there's been plenty going on but I can't really talk about it (i.e., work is busy) and that sort of chokes the blogflow.

I might also deserve a rap across the knuckles for focusing on the weekend cooking, when most of my food ranting is about the difficulty of coming up with dinners on weeknights when you don't have three hours to make lamb stew. As penance, I offer a list of the three things I find most helpful for avoiding take-away during the week:

1. Plan ahead.

2. Cook big and freeze portions for later. (Cf. Cooking Beans).

3. Limit yourself to one involved preparation per meal. Serve simple sides with that amazing main course, or simple grilled meat or fish with that incredible vegetable gratin.

Planning ahead is one of my weaknesses; if it is yours too, let me direct you to some Excel spreadsheets and printable .pdfs for meal planning. As I said, I find them helpful.

Since I mentioned dedicating cognitive resources to the coconut muffins served at a certain coastal seafood restaurant, I've noticed a sharp uptick in Google traffic, coming presumably from people who want a recipe. I am pursuing some leads, and when I've had a chance to test a few things I'll post on it.

I'm knitting probably a bit too languidly on a couple of things. One is the dress for the night elf huntress, who is still unclothed. I'm more or less winging that, taking cues from some of the patterns designed for Doll # 12 but avoiding the stripes and other 'whimsical' features. I'm also picking away at a Baktus scarf which is mindless comfort knitting at its best, and a good antidote to some fussy beaded purse patterns I've been playing with, too.

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