09 November 2009


Dear Bioware:

You had me at 'successor to Baldur's Gate.'

Not that I was an obsessive fan of Baldur's Gate, you understand -- it was a good game, but there was more game than story, and trying to fit the constrictions of tabletop D&D play into a video game was uncomfortable.

It seems you felt the same way.

I admit, while I hoped, I tried not to build up expectations for Dragon Age. I've been hurt so many times before, you know? And then you released that trailer with the Marilyn Manson soundtrack. What was that about? I still don't know. Did you misjudge what I needed? Was it a test of my faith? Were you just acting out?

It's all forgiven now. You've given me something so much bigger and richer than I imagined you could. It's beautiful.

The character creation. The stories (all of them, and there are so many!). The dialogue. The voice acting -- oh sweet heavens, the voice acting is so much better than in any other game I've played. The graphics. The game mechanics. It's just ... so ... *chokes up*

I do wish you weren't pushing the downloadable content so hard. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I'm pleased it's there. But setting an NPC right outside the camp to nag me about it? That's not necessary, and you know it. It's unworthy of you, and it makes me feel used.

We've got something good here. Let's not spoil it with pettiness -- none of this 'if you really loved me, you'd buy more' nonsense. We're not children; Dragon Age is rated M, after all. We can trust each other, can't we?

Much love,

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