17 December 2009


I am, just now, balanced between the extremes of wanting to curl up, bearlike, and suck my paws until the sun comes back, and knowing that the holidays are heading toward me like a freight train and there is much to be done that will not happen if I don't do it myself.

The holidays will of course arrive whether I get anything done or not. And I have gotten a lot done, I really have. The shopping is mostly finished; I just need to wrap packages. The ham (wild boar!) for Yule has been ordered and should arrive tomorrow. A batch of mincemeat is maturing quietly in preparation for Christmas Eve. I had my lussekatter ready on the correct morning and the necessary stores for making julkaka are already laid in so having that ready on the correct morning shouldn't be a problem.

I do have to finish knitting something, but that should take me about an hour's determined effort, if I can find an hour to be determined in. After I finish that project, I have given myself permission to cast on something new just for me, but I haven't decided on what yet. The ideal project would be something already in the Ravelry queue, for which I have the yarn, and that I have a hope of finishing in a reasonable amount of time.

There are several candidates that meet these criteria. The real challenge will be picking one. I think I'll enjoy that part as much as actually knitting the project.

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