08 December 2009


Part of the traditional 'holiday festivities' within my program unit is an agency-themed trivia game, modelled on one quiz show or another.

(This is the big program unit, not my own little staff. If it were just us, we'd go out for pizza and make CFR jokes).

Two years running now, someone in the unit has written a book. Last year, someone'd published a novel. This year, someone's published a book on a technical, agriculture-related topic. This sort of thing is good fodder for the trivia game.

It's no surprise that people are writing books. The great thing about Washington D.C. is that here, a nerd can be a nerd, and be valued and respected for that nerdry. Furthermore, most of the people within the unit are verbal types, if not always literary. The writing of books flows naturally from these things.

What did surprise me was that two years running, the first guess anyone had about the identity of the analyst responsible for these publications was ... me.

Apparently, I am the winner of the unofficial vote for 'most likely to publish a book.' And apparently, I am thought capable of both novels and highly technical works.

I guess that means I should get to it?

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