31 March 2010

"They bring me roast, they bring me boiled, But all in vain they woo me"

When I was a teacher, my students often said (or wrote) amazing things.

Now that I work for the federal government, I have to rely on public comments for my doses of amazing statements. This means that they come less often, and I am somehow more reticent to talk about them when they do happen, lest I reinforce the image of the East Coast elitist bureaucrat.

But, really, I am not sure that there is a great difference between noting the amazing things said by high school students and noting the amazing things said by random citizens.

So here is a (very slight) paraphrase of an amazing thing said by a commenter on a recent notice:

In the Book of Genesis, Jesus Christ instructs us to eat a vegan diet.

Take a moment and let that soak in.


Amazing, no?

Now I have an entirely irreverent mental image of God-the-Suburban-Father enjoying the smoke of Abel's lamb barbeque, while his hippy Son stamps a sandaled foot and tells him that animals have a right to live too.

P.G. Wodehouse

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