29 June 2010

"Someone is walking through the sun with my tongue on a leash"

I would prefer to be contemplating the ephemeral loveliness of Hemerocallis, the best approach to skirt pockets, or the Platonic ideal of the crabcake.

But the workplace performance of 'The Giant Ball of Stress' (in 5 or more acts), with guest appearances by Little Lord Fauntleroy (in the role of the Cardinal Grand Inquisitor) and The Evil Agency In Another Department (in the role of the Warrior Ghost), has occupied my time.

(My role? Natasha. Boris! Moose and Squirrel have strange, new strategy!)

If this sounds like the stuff of fever dreams, well, it is. Perhaps it's fitting that it's playing out in the heat and fog of summer in the capital, which replicate the fever of the body as closely as anything else I can name.

The meteorologists are promising a break in the weather this week. I can only hope that the fever at work will break, too.

G.E. Murray, Repairs

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