04 October 2010

And on the ships at sea

The weather station at the U.S. Naval Academy recorded 8.80 inches of precipitation last Thursday.

That is not a typographical error. Eight point eight zero inches of rain fell on us.

The Viking and I live at the top of a hill (and have a sump pit in the unfinished portion of the basement), so we were not particularly flooded. When I asked my mother about the state of her basement, she replied, 'A river runs through it.'

(Straight to a drain, it should be noted. Her basement floor was well designed. Nevertheless, there was a lot of water running to that drain).

Even though it cleared and was pleasant Friday and Saturday, I couldn't garden. The ground was too sodden. I have spent years now digging and turning and amending my little plots and I'm not going to go stomping around compacting the earth while it's wet. Sorry, liriope, you're going to have to wait another week to be thinned.

Or maybe two weeks. It's raining again.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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