18 March 2011

And ek a peyre of ful Boystous schoon, vppon his Feet

I know there are some mediaevalists lurking in the corners around here. And I know that they are familiar with the silly shoe of the later Middle Ages, the poulaine:

Mediaeval pointy shoe, in the Museum of London

Quite possibly most of the non-mediaevalists prowling around are familiar with the style as well.  Pointy shoes,  along with pointy hats, are the defining sartorial follies of fifteenth-century Europe.

Knowing, as we do, that what's past is prologue, we cannot be too surprised that the pointy shoe has reappeared in fashion in the form of botas vaqueras exóticas (The Manolo has filed another post on these madcap foot fashions in which he notes the similarity to the poulaine, both in form and in function as a means of masculine display).

Boystous schoon, forsooth.

Herry Lovelich's Middle English metrical Merlin, EETS edition

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