14 May 2011

And in class I dreamed all day

Not that I ever woke up with many handstamps, even in my younger days, but it really has been a while since I woke up with the name of a club on the back of my hand.

The evidence

The stamp is misleading. I was not at Pier 6. Can you read what's on the postcard?

The Viking and I had tickets to see Social Distortion at the Ram's Head in Baltimore.  The performance was originally scheduled for last November but was cancelled due to flu or something, and was rescheduled for this weekend. And yes, it was sold out.

The opening acts were both really good, we thought, but both seemed to be named 'thankyouverymuch RAWRAWRAWR cdsattheback' which was not especially helpful. (I mean, they said who they were, but the level of noise in the venue was such that I didn't catch either of them).  Fortunately Social D's website told me who they were: Sharks (young, English, punk, and on their first trip to America) and Chuck Ragan (American, more country, has a set o' lungs). Check 'em out.

And how was Social D?

Perhaps a little greyer, a little balder, a little older (aren't we all?) but they still sounded just like this:

If you ever get a chance to see them live, take it. Great show.

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