03 June 2011

At dawn of day, when falcon shakes his wing

One of the sadder things about being an academic mediaevalist is that one is expected to regard the re-enactment crowd with a certain amount of disdain.

There is an extent to which the re-enactment crowd deserves this.  But I suspect that the scorn of the academics is based partly in jealousy, because let's be honest:  dressing up and playing at being knights bopping each other with wooden swords can be a great deal of fun.  Academics are supposed to be serious and scholarly.  No fun for you, people in the tasseled hats!


George Plimpton is reported to have said, 'I have never been convinced there's anything inherently wrong in having fun. ' Among Plimpton's contributions to the general store of fun things is this gem, nearly lost to the world: George Plimpton's Video Falconry

Possibly the only falconry-themed game in the history of video games.  It's far harder than you might think. Be sure to check out the backstory, too.

Fran├žois Villon

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