13 June 2011

lulled to sleep by currant bushes

This week is shaping up to be a mess already.

You're reading this only through the marvels of Blogger's scheduled posting feature -- at the time this was posted, I was entering the third hour of a morning-long meeting, and this after having to get to my office in time to drop off my laptop and then get on the Metro to be downtown in time for the meeting.  All of which means too early in the morning, too long on the train, and too hot for this time in June.

But here is a little something from the garden this weekend. A pound (a whole pound!) of blackcurrants, ready to be made into jam.  More details on the jam to come.


Paul Colinet

1 comment:

  1. Long meetings, and early mornings - yuck. I am having a rare and blissful 'working from home day'. Heaven. I am actually working, in between bouts of flicking through magazines, making lunch listening to music etc. This could be the way forward... Looking forward to the jam. C.x


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