15 June 2011

Now folds the lily all her sweetness up

Special bonus Bloom Day post!

Unfortunately, not much to post about.  Most of the really striking things that bloom in June are in that awkward 'not quite yet' stage.

Daylilies are budding but ... not quite yet.

Martagon lilies?  The same.  They are new this year.  After several years of thinking 'I really ought ... ' I finally did, and now they are teasing me.  I find this vexing.

Water lily?  Thuggishly making leaves but not even budding yet.

Fortunately the hydrangeas are blooming, though the oakleaf (white, on the left) has really only just started and I'd prefer 'Nikko Blue' to be a bit more enthusiastic about the whole business.  Some calibrachoas I bought are also doing their thing; they're sometimes called 'million bells' and while mine are not showing a million blossoms yet I expect they'll produce their fair share.

June Bloom Day

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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