15 July 2011

All that summer hours produce

July is sort of a down time in my garden, which is either as it should be or a sign I need to plant more phlox.

I think I'm going to go with 'more phlox.'

Phlox paniculata 'Franz Schubert'

This is 'Franz Schubert.' 'Franz' is the loveliest pale blue-lilac imaginable, and my photos do it no justice.

There are also daylilies, notably 'Druid's Chant' and 'Barbary Corsair.' They hadn't opened today's blooms yet when I was out with the camera this morning, but here are some photos from past years:

Hemerocallis 'Barbary Corsair'

Hemerocallis 'Druid's Chant'

Perhaps the prettiest thing in the garden this morning is actually the furthest past its prime:

Aging blossoms

Oakleaf hydrangeas are among the most worthwhile shrubs, for just this reason. They are always doing something beautiful.

There's also a bit of this going on:

Yellow Sweet Banana

and some of this as well:




  1. Despite their tendency to develop powdery mildew, garden phlox is one of my favorite flowers--the smell is intoxicating. And they spread with abandon, popping up here & there in odd places. That's nice in some plants. I love the smell of phlox on warm summer evenings. It's just the epitome of sumemr!

  2. Hi Charlotte! Good to see you back.

    Yes, the powdery mildew is the price we pay for the glorious fragrance -- sort of the same trade-off we make with lilacs. Some of the newer phlox varieties are more mildew resistant, but seem less sweet to me.


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