08 July 2011

Quick and silver through the pool

You may have noticed that I don't knit very much in the summer.

I suspect the reasons for this are obvious -- other hobbies, of course, and the fact that in 90-degree heat a lapful of wool is unappealing.

But sometimes it's good to bust out the double-pointed needles and knit something, even in summer. I made this tiny frog for my sister's birthday present. All the pieces are sewn together and a pin finding attached so Tiny Birthday Frog can be worn as a pin.

Tiny frog, big pond

Tiny Frog from Tiny Things Collection 3 from Mochimochi Land

Yarn: KnitPicks Palette in Green Tea Heather (light green), Edamame (dark green), Blush, and White. US size 1 / 2.25 mm needles. 1 silver-lined clear yellow size E seed bead. Raveled.

John Chipman Farrar

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