26 September 2011

from rock-hard drought to rainforest jungle

Last week was not a great one for much of anything here at Belfry HQ, for which you may blame rain, mosquitoes, and a touch of the plague.

The rain would have been enough to keep me inside (Enough already! I shout at the skies, but the skies do not listen, or perhaps I am drowned out by the buzzing of numberless mosquitoes) so the bugs and the cold that's been going around the office really were piling Pelion on Ossa, or possily insult on injury.

So instead of gardening I did what all gardeners do when we're denied soil under our nails, and dreamed of what to plant next year. The bulb orders are in, and I've picked up a few seed packets on end-of-year sales.


Not long ago I marveled at the way photos take on lives of their own. It's happened again -- I logged into Flickr to nab the code for the photo above and noticed a giant spike on the stats graph. Someone in Vancouver used a photo of my 'Menton' tulips to illustrate a Craigslist posting. My April and May Bloom Day photos are suddenly enormously popular.

In Canada, too, they must be dreaming of next year's gardens.

 Phillip Carroll Morgan

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