18 November 2011

Conceive of each one singly, if you can

Pay no attention to the knitter behind the pile of hats and mittens.

Look! Bats!

Boo x 2

Pattern: Boo the Bat from Mochimochi Land
Yarn: Universal Yarns Classic Shades in Grays (bat bodies); Cascade 220 in Periwinkle (left bat's wings), and Montmartre (right bat's wings).
US 6 (4 mm) needles; 9 mm locking toy eyes.

The Boos were part of the same project that Batty was knit for and use the same yarn for their bodies. I like the fuzziness and colour blending in the finished bats, but it has too much acrylic in it (70%) to make it particularly nice to knit. Acrylic yarn squeaks when you knit it, and that drives me bonkers.

Amanda Jernigan

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