23 December 2011

There are stars up above

The end is closing in on the Christmas rush. I'm still not confident I'm going to finish all the knitting, but I've prioritised, and I'm moderately hopeful that not too many people will be disappointed on Christmas Day.

It is stressful -- a stress I have chosen for myself and am not complaining about, but acknowledging it does help. And I'm tired, too, in ways both physical and intellectual that have me imagining myself in various silly pop culture settings. As the man in the old Dunkin' Donuts commercials, for instance (time to knit the mittens) or as Dory in Finding Nemo while the jellyfish close in (just keep knitting ... just keep knitting...).

Wednesday night I didn't make my self-imposed deadline (finish ALL the mittens!) and fell over into the bed early, without finishing even one mitten.

Thursday, as I left the house muttering to myself about the dark and the damp and fatigue and ennui, to say nothing of mittens, I saw the waning crescent setting and realised also that the solstice had come at 12:30 that morning. Here was a splendid celestial metaphor: the bare ebb of the year, with me trying to swim against a tide already gone out.

So, one more cheaty music video post. I should be back to what passes for normal next week.

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