04 September 2012

Y a des marins qui chantent

Work is slowing down somewhat, not because there is less to do, but because of the expediencies of election years. Things may or may not go berserk in two months' time. We shall see.

While things are relatively quiet at the office, I'd like to get back to writing here more often. The thing about blogging is, as I remarked to the charming Claire in a comment, that it must serve you, the blogger, in some way. I find I'm a better writer overall when I blog regularly, and it's good also for me to have a place to write about things that aren't related to my job.

So here is some morning coffee to get us started.

Later this week, I have stories about gardening and fences and dogs (yes! dogs!) for you.

1 comment:

  1. I am with you on the whole 'writing makes writing better' business. Onward! C.x


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