14 March 2013

a windowful of God and Bernini

Dear Talking Heads of the 24/7 Popewatch:

It may interest you to know that while 'there is only one Francis,' there are, in fact, other saints named Francis. Dozens of them, if you include Francisco, Francesco, and related variants.

So, Francis of Assisi is indeed a bright and shining spirit in the history of humanity, but he doesn't exactly have a unique claim to the name, even among the saints recognised by the Church.

I suspect that the recently elected Bishop of Rome, who (as has been noted) is a member of the Society of Jesus, might have been thinking as much of the co-founder of his order, Saint Francis Xavier, as he was of Il Poverello.

Therefore, will you please kindly shut yer yaps about reform and simplicity and other things of which you seem to know nothing, and get back to reporting world events?

John Ciardi

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