07 October 2013

wasting time in unemployment lines

Yep, still furloughed.

And going a little zooey, to be perfectly honest. Despite the occasional gripe, and all the negative press federal workers get from the conservative media (looking at you, Stuart Varney), most of us are committed to our jobs (and are not living large on the backs of overpaid and overrated TV broadcasters).

I was really, really close to getting a major project finished. I mean really close. If this project were a child, it would be starting fifth grade this year, and I was within maybe a day of finishing it.

It will get finished eventually, of course, but there's no knowing when. In the meantime I do a little yardwork, a little housework, a little knitting, and listen to Pandora when I can't stand to listen to the news anymore.

Pandora's algorithms are little quirky sometimes; I was listening to a station that was supposed to be oriented around trip-hop act Massive Attack, but which for some reason brought up this song:

I'd like to be hopeful -- are the tables finally starting to turn? I can't tell. I'd really like to go back to work.

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