11 August 2014

call aloud in the dreamy dells

OK, I lied.

Well, I didn't really lie. I just didn't realise there was going to be one more Tour de Fleece post.

I'm sorry, OK? I'm sorry. I didn't know this was going to happen.

But I won a prize from my team, Team SHERLOCKED. They're the Ravellenics/TdF/Nerd Wars (oh gods, do I have to explain Nerd Wars? I don't do Nerd Wars) team from the Ravelry group 221b, and they are, as you might guess, oriented around Sherlock Holmes. They focus heavily on the BBC1 series Sherlock, but they're open to fans of Holmes generally, from the Conan Doyle canon to any other production they can find. They refer to themselves collectively as flatmates.

They're also great folks. I like them.

There are no official badges, medals, or fake internet points for the Tour de Fleece, but wildcard teams like Team SHERLOCKED may offer prizes if they want. This year, one of the team captains came up with daily badges -- spin on a given day during the Tour, collect a silly badge. I am pleased that I spun every day of the Tour and collected the full set.

But I wasn't going to post just about the badges -- they're in the category of fake internet points, really. There were other prizes, tangible prizes donated by flatmates. Most of them were awarded at random, but one was designated for a new spinner.  And I won!

A four-ounce braid of superwash merino from Kitty Mine Crafts, in a colourway called 'Mermaid Song.'  Isn't it pretty?


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