17 September 2014

go to the Blue Plate and ask for Carl

An expansion on yesterday's post:

On Monday morning, we woke up and had no water. We weren't sure what was wrong, but feared perhaps it was the well pump.

I phoned a plumber. The plumber agreed to come to my house on Tuesday morning. I arranged to take off Tuesday to meet him.

On Tuesday morning, the window in which the plumber was supposed to arrive came and went. The plumber had not called me, so I tried to call him.

He did not answer. The call went straight to a voicemail box that was full and could not take any messages at this time, goodbye.

I tried several more times over the course of the next couple of hours to reach the plumber, and at one in the afternoon, gave up. I went to my computer, brought up Yelp, and went looking for well-reviewed plumbers in my county.

Yes, Yelp of the restaurant review drama wars also has reviews of plumbers, electricians, roofers, and other such businesses.

I found another plumber. I called. I explained my problem to the woman who answered. She took my number and promised she'd call me back soon. Within a few minutes, I did get a call -- from the owner of the business himself. We talked. He said he needed to check some schedules, but would try to get someone to my house that afternoon.

They arrived at my house at 3, diagnosed the problem as the pressure gauge in the well tank, departed to get parts, returned to install the new tank, swept up, and were gone by 6:30. A new well tank, while not a cheap fix, was certainly a good bit cheaper than replacing the pump. I felt like I'd hit the jackpot as I wrote out the cheque.

Did I add to the good reviews Plumber #2 had on Yelp? You bet I did. If you are in central Maryland and find yourself in need of a plumber, call W.L. Staton Plumbing. They deserve their good reviews.

I have still not heard from the original plumber.

Jesse Lee Kercheval

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