02 September 2014

With socks of lace and beaded ceintures

Summer is officially over in Cape Despair.

This has nothing to do with holiday weekends, or the coming of an equinox, or anything you could point to in the weather or the garden.

It is officially over because I woke up last Saturday morning and wanted to knit everything.

All of it. All the things.

The stack of yarn above does not represent everything. It does contain the makings for three pairs of socks, two pullovers, and a pair of legwarmers.

The socks are (probably) the highest priority; I spent last winter whining to myself about how my feet were always cold.

(Is this middle age? When I was younger I would go sockless and even barefoot year-round. Now I need fuzzy slippers and wool socks from November to March, or even April).

My only-vaguely-planlike idea is to keep two things going at all times -- one pair of socks, and one other thing at a different gauge. None of this 'all my projects are knit in fingering weight yarn' madness.

We'll see how that works out. But for now, I knit.

Wallace Stevens

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