26 January 2015

come down laughing and unlock the door

It's been far too long since I told a story about Violet.

She is almost two, lovely, of course, as all cats are, and bright and curious.


Doors, especially, are objects of curiosity. Both sides of an open door must be investigated. Closed doors must be tested to see if they open. If she can open it, the door was never really closed anyway.

The front door is apparently now among the doors that are never really closed unless the deadbolt is thrown. Recently I discovered the door standing wide open, and Violet exploring the front yard. Duke, ever faithful, watched her from the walk.

It was a mild day, and both trotted to the door when I called, so there was no harm done, aside from that short moment of panic when I realised the door was standing wide open in January.

Fergus, himself something of an escape artist, was asleep in my sock drawer and missed the whole adventure. I do not normally approve of cats in the sock drawer but it was definitely better than trying to round him up as well.

Elinor Wylie

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